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released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Lythronax Bend, Oregon

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Track Name: Monolith
Religions kneel and fall
Monuments built on shit
Preaching their gospel
Swearing to their monoliths
That they, are the ones
Chosen to ascend above
While they condone
The rape and murder of their own
They’ll find any excuse they can
Just to find their “home”
While their words ring hollow
They now bow before their idols

We are, built to believe
Anyone who thinks they have
The answers to everything
We’re so scared of death
And what comes after
That we’ll follow blindly
Some fool who says they have answers

You deserve to die
The deaths that your book details
Stoning, burning, crucifixion
Its seems to be
A morbid fascination
Why can’t you see?
That your beliefs are killing the world
Dogmatic superstition
Just posture more than the opposition
We are hopeless
We are malice

We are, built to believe
Anyone who thinks they have
The answers to everything
What happens when it all comes true
Will your followers flock to you?
What happens when they finally see?
The fact that you're damned, just like me?
Fuck this world

I hope you burn in your hell
Now only time will tell
I can see through your artificial shell
I hope you burn in hell
Track Name: Excess
Pile after pile of piss and shit,
Choking on your own excrement
Gluttonous piles of self serving trash
Force fed right down your fucking throat
Down your throat
Keep telling yourself
You can change when you want
I'll be standing here, laughing
When you crush yourself to death
Under the weight, of your inadequacy
The world would be better off without you
Crush yourself to death
Human waste, drowned in filth
Completely useless
Entirely pointless
Trim the fat of the world
We have become so god damn mindless
Beings consumed by apathy
Consume, excrete, repeat
A planet full of addicts
Glucose slaves
Unable to see our depravity
Consume, excrete, repeat
I lie awake
how many of you have I helped kill today
I am awake
There is no hope for our ravenous ways
No hope
Only pain
I doubt we’ll ever be the same again
We are worthless
Each and every one of us
Responsible for the outcome
Gluttonous piles of trash
Force fed right down your fucking throat
Track Name: The Black
Wither away
Inside your false anonymity
Everyone feels rage
You just choose to ignore
And force it down
Your psyche wastes away
Your soul begins to hollow
How can people live like this?
I am nothing special
I am nothing bright
I am a ball of fury
That chose the light
Of self expression
Something that everyone could use
Not this false ideology
That you should feel ashamed of your abuse
Why do i?
Hate everyone?
Why do i?
Hate everything?
It makes me feel alive
Embrace the Black (repeat)
(drone part)
While you ignore your pain
We will be facing it with disdain
Growing, feeding
Living, learning
You can’t replace this kind of yearning
With riches
Only, a life that enriches
I’d be lying if I said if this was easy
But this life wasn’t meant for the measly
The pained or the broken down
It's about staring down
Those demons that have haunted you
Confronting enough to find the truth

You can sit there and pretend that you know me
Every syllable spoke is a pretense unto thee
Keep doubting and keep up the smug facade
You are nothing but a fucking fraud
These are the moments that I live for
Late nights, angered thoughts
I crave more
I crave more
Track Name: Purge
Release the hounds
Let them feed on your desiccated corpse
Lie in the grave you've dug, filled with your remorse
Now filled with bitterness and eternal hatred
For those you’ve never understood
Grow up
You fuck ups
This land was never yours
This nation was never yours
A nation filled with pompous, arrogant cannibals, degenerates
Each and every one of us, searching for the best of us, vivid screens in front of us
Desperately searching for the stories that suit us best
Ignoring plain facts, the cancer infects
All of us
We have let the powerful take control of
All of us
We are content living in our shit

I see no way
That we can possibly recover from our estranged ways
Cleanse the earth
Wipe out all life, extinguish the flame
So that we may, at once, be born again
Be born again (x2)
Release the hounds
And let them feed
Our skin is rotting, perpetually peeling
Just end it and let the vultures feed
Let them feed
We are all bound by our poisons
Let them control your vices and choices
Let the mist envelop us all, let us die
Set us free

Our shackles have proved, oh so sincere
Now I just wait for the mist to appear
This is what our generation will be known for
Complacency in the face of adversity
Let us die