The Architect

by Lythronax

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11 track concept album and 4th release from Bend, Oregon based Lythronax.


released November 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Lythronax Bend, Oregon

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Track Name: The Room
The darkness closes in...
Track Name: Hubris
Eyes peel open
Catch the scent of decay
Arms are tethered
Movement in disarray
Padded walls, padded ceilings
Thoughts now race with past events
“What is this? Where Am I!?”
“What is it that I have done!?”

“Quiet now, you’re in here for good”
“Innocent blood has been spilled on, your account”
Palpitations ensue
Arrhythmia takes hold
“Could it be true?”
“All that they say?”
“Am I capable of wrenching their life away?”

Forsaken, dejected
Memories escaping
Desolate, disowned
Now accepting fate

“This is what I have done”
“A slaughtered family
What Am I to become”

His mind, now afflicted with grief
Wrestles with this torment of which they speak
And in this moment
He begins to believe

The door slams open with a deafening crack
Light pours in
Shielding his eyes
He can see the figure, of which he stands
He is guided to a room and sat upon the steel
Castigation, retribution
He knows not what to feel
“If it was up to me you wouldn’t be alive”
“If it’s up to me you’ll never again, see the light”

“Don’t listen oh don’t listen”
“I am the one they speak of”
“Twas I who guided your hands”
“Don’t listen oh don’t listen”
“Should I, at your harmless innocence Melt, as I do”

“Irrelevant, meaningless fool”
“I told you not to heed their words”
“Our purpose is so much clearer”
“Enact Valde Recro!”
“Dispelling Inner light”
“You will not deny me my birthright”
“I am the one”
“To take this world asunder”
hands are shaking, trembling so slight
“Before I’m done I shall drink the blood of….
Track Name: Altar Of Concrete
Thrown into an abyss of uncertainty
My mind, mangled. Distorted striatum
It never ends!
Clawing, mangling, tearing me down
Just give me a moment’s peace!
For I have truly broken

“Into the eternal darkness
Into fire and ice”

Descend, into the depths of the void
Mesocortical pathway inducing psychosis
Images staining my already crimson hands

Relevant relation
To where I had been before
Strung from their feet
Their life now drips unto the floor

Reaching out to touch the skyline
Memories like turbulent waters
Guide me to the altar of concrete
Force my eyes to witness my work

Blessed are the destroyers of false hope
Cursed are the god-adorers,
Pleasure and pain, like beauty; eye of the beholder
I remember her skin, like porcelain it was
Remorse. Guilt. Adoration. Of her virtuous figure

Strung from their feet
Their life now drips unto the floor

The animal lays in wait
To devour its prey
Succulent flesh of an innocent being

Ripping clothes; torn up fantasies
A sadists dream now come to consummation
In my mind; thoughts like insects
What have I wrought; how is this all real?

Reaching out to touch the skyline
Memories like turbulent waters
Guide me to the altar of concrete
Force my eyes to witness my work

Each passing moment raging anew
My actions wrought my agony
I was guided by the black hand
Now never to escape its grasp
Track Name: The Architect
How long have I been here?
Not long enough by my account
Each hour feels like eternity
Staring blankly at this crumbling wall
Voices resound; the architect speaks
Take my hand; set your mind adrift
Snapping back to the cold, hard reality
Maniacal laughter echoing from his lips
Pins and needles; dancing on glass
His fragile psyche is mine to exploit
I wonder how long this can go on
behavioral abnormality
I wonder if they’ll ever believe me
This atrocity is his to share
The dark matter within my bones
Has become his home; his calcified temple

Let the sky fall, let it all burn away
But what will become of my sanity?
Fret not as I will restore your life
And all that I have taken from you
Grasping at straws; the architect speaks
There is not much more that I can do

This is all my fault
Never content with the life I was given
Now I’m here with this abomination
Growing, spreading
Thriving, maturing
The architect now has all he needs
You are confused, aphotic child
This is what you wanted to be
A vessel for the second coming
I never wanted to hurt my family
It was vital to remove all constraints
Et umbra mortis [the shadow of death]
Et Lucifer justitae [and the star of justice]
Shall provide you with the warmth you crave
He cowers, whimpers
Now in the corner,
Pathetic creature
Your importance is nil
When the time comes I shall feast upon your flesh
Leaving your carcass as the framework
For my return
Track Name: Ignis Fatuus
Watchful eyes of a curious kind
Yearning for the touch,the taste of her skin
Lusting for the embrace of another
Your soul is damned forever
Crushed with the brimstone
This is all you will come to know
As will the world
All will fall to their knees
And worship me

I am with a heavy heart
Clutching onto this memory
Their faces shone as brightly as the sun
Feeling the warm grains neath my feet
My hands, my eyes have seen the ghastly horrors
That it forced me to commit
This atrocity is his to share
But I am naught without my own fault

Take the blame
No one will believe you
Take the shame
For all the foul deeds you do
Fret not as I will restore your life!
But first you must grasp the blade

No! Their faces beckon beyond the grave
For now they forgive me
And beckon me to the highest tower
I gave in once. Not again
Your deceitful words will go undefined
These hollow words, this hallowed heart
Shall be rid of your deceitful nature

This changes nothing!
Your soul is corrupt as they come
You forget that your vessel is in my hands
You are but a toy while i bide my time

Why should I not hate mine enemies―if I "love" them does that not place me at their mercy?
Better to reign in the inferno
Than to serve at the hands of callousness

That emperor, who sways
The realm of sorrow, at mid breast from the ice
Stood forth; and I in stature am more like
A giant, than the giants are in his arms.
Mark now how great that whole must be, which suits
Which suits...
If he were beautiful
As he is hideous now,
and yet did he dare
To scowl upon his Maker,
May all our misery flow.
Track Name: Avowal Of Contrition
I am alive!
Those whom I cared for
Have passed
Into the realm of shadows
Only to be seen through fastened perception

She awaits on opposite side of the concrete barrier
Faint light pierces the dark
In her hand a piece parchment
"i wonder if he'll get the message"
Not a soul for weeks
Naught but his mortified shrieks
Eyes twitching, hands steady
She is his only solace

Words of an outside world.
Of a love that she relinquished
Words like hymns, drowning in a sea of regret
The Architect is silent
He begins to explain
The last memory remains
Of the salt air against his face

He explains, drowning his sorrow in exposition
There are no words adequate enough to color the lines that divide our conditions.

I lament on the framework of my character
Oh why was I never content with the family I had come to know."

I am alive!

"there is this one last moment
Fleeting before the rocks... "
A memory stained with the blood of his thoughts
"... I remember the feel of sand beneath my feet
The subtle roar and eventual collapse of the sea
Their faces frozen in this moment like a picture frame"
The thoughts rising now perpetual, to spark the flame
"My what a sight it was
I wish I could change the past"
Now he finally accepts and prepares for the task

"It is all too clear
What I must do to get out of here"

"Why must it have to be this way?
I accede : i am to blame"
Their faces now wet with regret
As he solemnly ties the noose around his neck
"Why must it have to be this way?
There is no one left to blame"
"I thank you for your kindness"
"I thank you for giving me your best"
"it doesn't have to be this way"
"I am ready for my final rest"
Track Name: The Descent
Finally your soul is mine
Allow your ether to descend
This realm was never man's to bestow
Through your flesh i shall become my own

Sickening crunch
Esophagus crushed
Penetrate her again and again
Take your babe into your arms
Choking on bile, the passage of the flesh

Pathetic little creature
Without my aide you would have not the gall
I am the Architect of this
My new born world

The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven
These words resound clear in the hall of Dis

We shall be free; the Almighty hath built
Here for his envy, we shall cut out our tongues
And speak for our words do tell
Here we may reign secure in hell

Each moment. Searing, burning
My flesh slowly becoming stone
The soft iridescent glow of the river styx
Beckon me further below

The gates of Dis
My new found home
For our treacherous kind
Flames searing to the bone

Hallowed be thy name
Hallowed be my name
The Morning Star
Track Name: The Summoning
Necrotizing flesh becomes me
Syringe now dripping with bile
Even though I just arrived
I feel I've been here a while
Padded walls, padded ceilings
Arms and legs bound to each other
Plastic bit, and medicated nightmares
Place the bag upon my head to smother

The very life from my lungs
The faces all around,
they speak in tongues
"what the fuck is going on?
Why am i here?
Is this even real?"

Now I wait
Inside my coffin of anxiety

"I need to get out of this place
My kin must be waiting
To see my face
I can hear their voices
Calling my name"

Iridescent glow
The monitors show
Reaching euphoria

As they tie him down
Inserting tubes into his spine
He rambles about his family


They gather around and
anxiously await the summoning
Their new lord and savior
Will devour his flesh
Each moment has led them to this
Black garb adorns their bodies
He gargles and spews as the chemicals
Work their magic
He awakes enough to see their faces
Wide eyed filled with horror
He comes to this revelation
His mind can not console

I never left
Track Name: Denouement
He can see the fire in their eyes
And this other worldly presence
Eats its way out from the inside

Their intents
Are clear to me now
I am the lamb

He lives through me
My essence feeding the beast
These concocted remedies
Eating away at my sanity

His past remains transfixed
His atrocities still tangible
But his body has remained
A vessel for the second coming

They watch and wait
Eager eyes feeding their ignorance
This man and his tainted flesh
A vessel for the second coming

But why was I shown these visions
You are but a pawn
My misery. His foothold
The world will soon know
Of your deepest treachery
Your death but a brief respite
My work is all but done
Her innocence
My flawed reconciliation
Of my life and my choices therein

Why was i never content?
I've lost more than most will ever have
I deserve this hell. My punishment
Their faces light up the room
Light pierces the veil of secrecy
A voice calls out
Sacrifice of self will bring an end to this suffering

They watch and wait
Eager eyes feeding their ignorance
This man and his tainted flesh
A vessel for the second coming

Ripping and tearing flesh
That is all he feels
The birthing of the king of lies
Rest eternal young one
Your time in hell is over and done